No more time

No more time

I pass a lot of time on YouTube these days.

I can’t stand the politics of FB. TV is a soul sucking, mind numbing brainwash. And though I love reading books…I find my ADD impedes the immersion I used to enjoy. [Insert pic of me on my bed with three books open at once. (Okay, one is a magazine… but you get the idea.) ]

Recently, while channel flipping, I stumbled upon a video from an ex-trans woman. I was reminded of the urgency of our time. She shared her experience with Christ and this particular video echoed things I used to blog about in the past.

Over twenty years ago, a friend of mine told me about a military base commissary he stopped into…sort of like a Seven Eleven.

With utter sincerety, he recanted the scene of a military personnel member having his wrist scanned at the cash register. Apparently, the cashier was able to deduct some credit that was stored on his account through this chip hidden beneath his skin.

The officer casually gathered his snacks and made his departure.

My friend wasn’t so blithe.

I took it with a grain of salt, as we had a rather dark humor between us and I couldn’t be sure this was not attributed to a twisted joke.

However, over ten years later we reconnected at a well known fashion convention in Vegas known as Magic.

I hadn’t seen him face to face in years, though we certainly spoke throughout that time. Once we reunited, something prompted me to ask about that story of the creepy scene of that military dude getting his wrist scanned.

Without hesitation, and with eyes widened…my friend had a look of horror and total seriousness as he told the story again. I knew, without question, that it was not a joke. Still, I felt there was PLENTY of time before anything on a grand scale would ever take place.

Fast forward to today: At this point in time it’s no secret that our government, with the entire world in tow, has an agenda to microchip or bio-id the entire population.

People will be faced with some difficult choices to make.

This isn’t just an issue of lost liberty, or political correctness, or environmental issues…this is an issue of the state of our eternal souls. [Rev 13:16]

Ultimately, the central banks are behind this for the purpose of total control and domination through our figure-head government(s).

The central bank cartels have a long lineage dating back millennia. In its (what I perceive as ‘The Beast’) ¬†more modern incarnation, through symbiotic manipulation of church and state… The rise of political power has been infused with and propigated by occultism.¬† [Daniel 9]

This is evident once you have your Spiritual eyes opened. Since they own all major mass media outlets and production companies, what you consume, psychologically and physically is essentially a contrived attempt to control your subconscious. There has been a subtle undermining of the collective conscience since the turn of the last century. Absolute power corrupts.

There is no more time to waste. Decide now if you are going to save your body, or your soul when the time comes.

Know that there is a promise of redemption for those who overcome. This isn’t the last stop and death doesn’t need to be feared.

Life is a gift in all of its incarnations. Stay on the side of Light and Love. Don’t give into the fear.

I’m truly sorry for all of those who have been hurt by religion. Frankly, I really don’t care what you believe.

I just know what the potential future is and want to give a warning so that your choice is made with full disclosure. Read the Bible. You don’t have to pick up religion. Just read the Word and sincerely seek the truth. Despite popular myths, Our Creator is kind and merciful and wishes for you to be with HIM forever. But He loves you enough to give you that choice.